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Helping You Build Your Dreamhome in Belize! Best Quality and Hard to Beat Prices! We know the turf and we combine unique Belizean and ex-pats' insight!


You have you home plans - bring them on! You have ideas - bring them on too and we will make them a plan! You do not have a plan or idea - well choose from our multiple plans or let's design one.


If you want to build a house in Belize which is larger than 1000 sq. feet you have to obtain a permit from Belize Central Building Authority – CBA, without experience it can be painstaking. You hire us - we take care of entire Approval Process.


We build the house from foundation to fine finishes. You can be involved as much or as little as you desire. By end of the project you get the key to your new beautiful house!


We do not just build a house, we do many other thing too: specialty finishes, lighting systems, patios, decks, pools and fences. Landscaping. We can even bring and install upscale appliances for you!

Tropical home

Imagine Your Home in Paradise - we Can Help!

Tree of Cortez Development and Home Construction offer an extensive range of architectural, engineering, land use and development planning, interior design, project management, overall design and construction services throughout Northern Belize.
We have 20+ years of international design and construction history and local construction experience and expertise of building custom homes, luxury resorts, high – end restaurants, government housing and more. Focusing more on residential work, our talent is providing quality finishes and fine craftsmanship in all our homes from wide range of local and imported building materials.

As professionally qualified builders and project managers, we employ sophisticated management and stringent safety and quality control procedures. Accepting only few projects at a time ensures every project receives the highest levels of attention to detail and customer service. Our clients are fully informed at every stage and can rest assured that cost, time and quality are being expertly managed.
When you hire us, we’ll discuss your vision and draw up a plan for your building budget and project. You can count on us to stay focused on the details, and we’ll strive to give you a great value. Whatever the scope of the project, out team aims to keep delays to a minimum so we can finish on schedule. We take a sustainable green approach to our work.

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What we do

CUSTOM residential HOMES

We do Turnkey Home Projects:
Architectural Plans; Design and Construction; Professional Electrical and Plumbing; Plastering and Stucco; Drywall, Tape and Sand; Painting; Tile, Stone and Wood Finishes; Windows and Doors; Lighting Fixtures; Kitchens; Patios, Walkways and Decks

MAJOR HOME REPAIRS and remodelling

We do any Home Repairs, Remodelling and Alterations:
We do Major to Minor and Cosmetic Home Repairs; Addition to Existing Structures; Ceiling and Walls Repairs; Painting; Stucco; Tiling; Plumbing; Roofing; Driveways, Patios, Walkways and Floors etc.

Commercial construction

We Build and Finish any Commercial Structures:
Hotels; Resorts; Departmant Stores; Office Buildings; Condominiums; Restaurants; Hospitals and Clinics etc.

Architectural plans design aNd approval

We have many pre-approved ready to build plans to chose from. However we are more than happy to help you design your home from scratch or rework/customise existing plan. We guarantee highest architectural standards and full adherence with Belize Building Code.

interior design and fine finishes

We do Any Remodelling and Interior Finishes.
Residential Additions, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hallways, House Plan Alterations; Floors and Ceilings Refinishing; Fixtures Replacement etc.

swimming pools

We Design and Construct Any Kind of Swimming Pool.
Indoors or Outdoors; Inground or Aboveground; Fenced, Decked and Finished with Tiles, Stamped Concrete or Natural Stone. We do Spas as well!

Custom Furniture and Woodworking

We are Belizean Woodworking Experts.
Our Partner Furniture Shops make any Custom Furniture: Kitchens, Wardrobes, Dinning Sets, Living Room Sets, Bedroom Sets...
No Design is too Complicated for us

Outdoor design

Let us Design and Build Your Entire Outdoor Space!
We do Decks, Patios, Fences, Gazebos, Pool-houses, Water-features and Professional Landscaping.

Our Commitment

We are committed to Excellent Service and ready to fulfill your demands. We’ve proven reputation of offering finely crafted results to our clients in Belize. Our professionals are available anytime of our business hours. Contact us today to set up a meeting with a knowledgeable building consultant.

Contract and payment fees

Following an initial free consultation, it is our policy to provide a formal written proposal that includes the scope of work, exclusions and a breakdown of fees that become payable at specific stages of the project. We can start at 15-50% down the complete project with induvidually crafted stage payments.
With very Competitive fees we pride ourselves of providing professional services yet endeavor to keep our costs as low as possible. We will be happy to negotiate all prices.

Some of Our Projects

Luxury Residence in South End of Corozal Town
Residential Casitas in Orchid Bay, Corozal
Beachfront Estate in Finca Solana, Corozal
Custom Designer Furniture - Bessa Décor
Corozo Blue's Restaurant and Resort Design and Construction, Corozal
Our Interior Design in Canada

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We are ready to fulfill your demands. We have proven record of offering finely crafted results to our clients in Belize. Our professionals are available anytime of our business hours.

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