Unique Community Oriented Real Estate Development in Northern Belize!

Tree Of Cortez


We offer affordable about 1 acre sized lots with utilities conveniently located less than 1 mile from Corozal town on Consejo Road in sought after Corozal District of Belize
Tree of Cortez Development is a 15 minutes drive to the Mexican border, 4 minutes drive to Corozal Town shopping & hospital

Hey, there is more - we can build Your Topical Dream Home at the best price around! Plus we have more Propertirs You might like!

It does not get much better than this - an Estate-sized lot in a popular Northern Belize at a steal price!

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Live in Belize!

Imagine yourself living in a sun soaked Paradise where abundant tropical forests, fresh air and clean waters are still simple facts of life! Country of jungle, tropical savannahs, jade rivers, mystic mountains, unquestionably Maya Civilization world capital, Caribbean beaches and second largest coral reef! Most amazing is that all that fairy tale narrative is true, and few other countries can make such a claim! There is more: Belize is a part of British Commonwealth and English is a state language, inherent political and economic stability and legal system with a tax-free, confidential, investment friendly environment, British land ownership rights. And did we mention the Caribbean Sea?

Why Corozal?

Traditionally the centre of the country's sugar growing and processing industry, Corozal became very popular amongst North American Expats as convenient base for day trips to Chetumal, the capital of Mexico's southern state of Quintana Roo or for excursions to Bacalar, Mahahual, Tulum and beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. There are several Expat communities in Corozal - Orchid Bay, Finca Solana and Consejo village area, including famous Consejo Shores, also former fishermen village of Sarteneja with its natural preserve settings, unspoiled jungle and turquoise sea is gaining huge popularity fast.
However we are offering something different...

Tree of Cortez

In 2013 we decided to buy land in Corozal and start Real Estate business there. We looked everywhere, scouted multiple sea-side areas and then found this property, it is just a mile from town, right on Consejo Road, minutes from town and next to another subdivision already sold out then; so we bought these 14 acres and in 2014 decided we'd build a community consisting of 14 lots in order to do something different from other developers we are offering not some house lot but 1 acre estate abounding with mature trees. Many here clear the jungle completely and then plant some palms and flowers, we just underbrushed the area leaving most mature trees!

Amazing Value!

Our lots are 0.77-1.23 acre, priced affordable inclusive well water supplied to the lot and a meter bank installed. Our market value is tough to beat. We also offer to our buyers an option of having us build their dream home fitting the best their lot, taste and budget with the solid concrete standard structure. Worthy to mention - Consejo Road is well maintained in our area and likely to be paved soon. We are not on the beach but we offer convenience of location, great road and less sea salt so your vehicle and possessions will live longer and well ... sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Corozal Bay are just five minutes away!
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About Us

Tree Of Cortez is not a Real Estate Agency, we are Professional Consultants and Real Estate developers plus of course people who love Belize. We love to travel a lot and enjoy Central American region. During past 10 years we mostly lived in Canada but frequently travelled to Belize and became very familiar with this small country having visited nearly every spot here.
Three years ago we chose to invest into Real Estate in Corozal seeing this district as potentially good opportunity for Real Estate Development. Corozal is not as fancy as Islands or Placencia but it has a character and a fair mix of Northern Belize flavour with fair share of Maya culture colourful mestizo communities and its unbeatable proximity to Quintana Roo with US style malls, great prices, good local restaurants and a movie theatre! Another huge plus Corozal is virtually hurricane safe, last three hurricanes including the one that hit Belize in August 2016 had minimal or no effect here while the rest of Belize suffered substantial damage. When we bought this land in Corozal in 2013 we decided to build the community where people can live, enjoy nature and help each other.
Since we already got a lot of experience in Belizean life including importing stuff, house building, property management and jumping through many bureaucratic hoops we will be happy to assist anyone with many issue that can arise and we know the cost of poorly informed decisions and feel we have to help other to avoid those things. We had a vision for Tree of Cortez community when we started off in 2014; we invite you to be a part of it!
Read what our community members say about Tree of Cortez and send us your own thoughts!

Now in addition to our Project we are trying to find "hidden gems" of Belize, large reasonably prices pieces of land with great potential and bring investors to land owners to help make the deals. We will assist land owners with marketing, proper pricing and promotion and we will do all the leg work for investors to find a perfect land! In the end we will help facilitate all legal formalities, INVESTORS ARE WELCOME!

Tree of Cortez Subdivision Map

Note: 9 lots are currently available for sale. Lot 2053 can be offered for commercial use: condos, B&B etc.
Ask us about water filtration and solar power systems!

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Aerial Views

Our coordinates: 18.416,-88.3682
Aerial Aerial1

Price List

Description Acreage Type Reg Price(USD)
Lot 2051-52 0.78 Residential Not Available
Lot 2053 1.11 Multi-Use $36,000.00
Lot 2054 0.77 Residential Not Available
Lot 2055 0.91 Residential Not Available
Lot 2056 0.77 Residential $23,000.00
Lot 2057 1.00 Residential $27,000.00
Lot 2058 0.77 Residential $23,000.00
Lot 2059 1.00 Residential $27,000.00
Lot 2060 0.77 Residential $23,000.00
Lot 2061 1.17 Residential $34,000.00
Lot 2062 0.96 Residential $26,500.00
Lot 2063 1.23 Residential Not Available
Lot 2064 1.04 Residential $28,000.00
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Regular prices include water supply and power connection and subject to change without notice. Financing by owner available We accept CAD!

We can build your Dream House!


We can offer our buyers an option of purchasing land and building their gorgeous vacation estate or dream retirement home on their own or have us build a beautiful house fitting the best to their lot, taste, budget and preference with the solid concrete Caribbean standard structure. We offer our pre-approved house plans for either a bungalow or 2 story's house of 1400-2000 sq. ft., 3 bed, 2 bath basic finish starting at $90,000 USD with 50% down and individually created flexible payments schedule for the balance. We take pride in our work and even offering retainer agreement at 10-12% of the project cost so the buyer can rest assured they get stellar quolity of work or we pay for any unsatisfactory work items or fixes.
We will consider buyer proposed plans and we can customise our or their plans up to high end luxury finishes.
Keep in mind all house plans must be properly submitted and approved by Central Building Authorities of Belize. Regardless of the buyer's choice we offer help with CBA process and guarantee minimal waiting time.
Note that our land price includes deep well water supply and connection to Belize Electricity Limited power. However we also offer Water Purification System from basic to Reversed Osmosis and Comprehensive Solar Power System for the buyer's property at very attractive price.

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Our brand name is stunning Tree of Cortez...

Little tree

Twenty of them were planted at the front buffer zone and on the first three parcels to participate in local initiative of repopulating beautiful trees in Belize. Once in abundance Cortez Trees (Tabebuia Chrysotricha) - flamboyant yellow and orange spring blooms were nearly extinct in Northern and Central Belize. They make a nice hardwood lumber and artist wood.

Belizean Richard Harrison researched a lot about these trees, travelled to the US to find the seeds and came up with "Summer of Gold" or in Spanish "Verano de Oro" project whose goal is to plant 100,000 Yellow Cortez trees throughout Belize, particularly along highways, hoping that the Yellow Cortez tree will draw tourists to Central America. We support this initiative not just by naming our subdivision after the Tree, but by creating a scenic buffer of Cortez Trees on our property. A young tree also can be specially ordered and planted for any buyer who wishes to have it on their lot.

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Blooming tree

Blooming tree

Our Team

Are you in Belize? Come by and meet us Helen and Eugene Black - the Tree of Cortez developers!

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Back in 2013
We bought this lush jungle in 2013 and started developing in late 2014
by subdividing into 14 parcels now we are happy to offer 9 ~ one acre estate lots for all people who love nature, tranquility and sunshine! We hold clean Title Absolute for each lot.

The Development

Currently we have been developing front lots

Keeper house
24/7 ground keeper lives on the property at the northern corner, and we will have computerised surveillance that could be shared with police if required.

Rental Propeties

We will help you finding the right place to live in Corozal while you are building your dreamhome here...
We have multiple rentals available for our clients, and even if you need something else we always go extra mile for our clients.Go to top

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Mile 1 Consejo Rd, Corozal, Corozal District,

Belize, Central America

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