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Private listings can be thought of as word-of-mouth listings agents share with one another. Different from private sales, private listings are entirely agent driven. With a private listing we make a three-part marketing push for the property. General information about the property is sent out to local partners and worldwide and a personalised information with details about the property to a hand-picked list of agents that he knows are most active in the neighbourhood. We may not disclose price and even exact location if client chooses so, and we get the word out to the right market, the right agents and we'll try to do this in a quieter way.
Listing provately also allows sellers to test the market and see if it will support their top asking price. An agent may feel that a seller's dream price is too high and the comparable sold properties don't justify it. There could be a concern if we place it on the MLS at a price that is too high, the property may languish. However by listing it privately, at the seller's desired price, we avoid starting "days on the market" clock, which can stretch from weeks into months or even years, especially when the luxury market is sluggish.
For buyers, private listings may come at a premium but some are happy to pay it if it means avoiding a bidding war.
Keep in mind buying property Belize as an investment opportunity, an important incentive would be the absence of any capital gains tax in Belize. In these times of worldwide uncertainty investing in Real Estate in fairly inexpensive and democratic country ruled by British Law with definite potential for investment growth.


Business opportunity - Bed&Breakfast Beachfront Inn at Serenity Shores area!

48 acres Development potential - Quiet Eco-Friendly area near Consejo Rd!

Serenity Shores Sandy Beachfront Subdivision 3 miles from Corozal!

Ever Dreamed of Owning an Island? Now You can build "Isla Bonita" of Your own from scratch!