Why would you invest in Belize? Why would you move to Belize?

According to International Living Magazine the English-speaking country of Belize has a lot going for it. For a tiny country, it packs a big wallop when it comes to charm and scenery. For the would-be expat (especially if you’re looking for real value) there are many areas deserving of your attention. Places where you can live the laidback, Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams.

From the many cayes to the Cayo district, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to live in Belize. There is first class Caribbean beach desired by so many, there are beautiful rivers and lagoons, rolling hills, steamy jungle, ancient cities of Maya, abundant wildlife and flora, you’ll find all these here. The cost of living can vary, depending on which area you decide on. Choosing where to start over in a foreign land can be difficult, but this is where we can help. From its sunny beaches to its lush jungles, Belize is a country of diverse natural beauty. From arid savannahs, mongroves and lagoons of Corozal to hidden "lost world-esqe" pristine rainforests and reefs of Toledo; from Turquoise Caribbean cost to jade rivers, steamy jungle, mystic mountains and majestic ancient Maya cities of Cayo - Belize is a popular tourist destination and cost of living is still fairly low. For the more adventurous traveler, activities can include a trek into the jungle in search of Maya ruins, spotting parrots, toucans, and maybe even a jaguar along the way. It’s true that Belize is no longer the most affordable place to buy property, but this country has other benefits: English speaking, economic stability, a stress-free lifestyle, and a cost of living that is good value when compared with the U.S. (or even Island countries of the Caribbean). It is still undeveloped and sparsely populated and there is a lot to choose from: the Beaches - Inland or Cayes, the Jungle, the River Bank, the Lagoon, deep in the Rainforest or in the Pine Ridge or Maya Mountains!

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Why Buy Real Estate in Belize?


People are interested in buying real estate in Belize for different reasons.
However the most common ones are:

  • Retirees moving to Belize are looking for a home to buy or build
  • Investors looking for some capital gains taking advantage of inexpensive land and properties available in the country (regardless whether they want to obtain Belizean Residency or continue living abroad)
  • Foreigners (primarily North Americans) are looking to buy a vacation property to come here during colder season back home and "unwind" in a comfort of their own house, which can earn rental income for them during the rest of the year

If you are one of those persons or you have completely different motivation it is definitely a good idea for you to invest in a property in Belize. Real estate here is affordable and easily acquired by non-residents. Belize is part of the British Commonwealth and unlike its Central American neighbours is one of the few the countries in the world where foreigners enjoy the same rights as citizens with regards to property ownership in land ownership and tenure. All land purchases are subject to a Government Stamp Transfer Tax, which currently is a little under 5% of the purchase price.

If you are interested in buying a home or land in Belize as an investment opportunity, an important incentive would be the absence of any capital gains tax in Belize. The same applies to selling this property later for a profit, your profits will not be taxed. Keep it in mind when you buy a home in Belize as a retiree and then for some reason you change your mind.

Where to Buy in Belize?

From the many cayes to the Cayo district it is a lot of choices when it comes to finding somewhere to live in Belize. If you like the beach it is still probably the cheapest Caribbean beach living option. If you are more of a nature rivers, hills and jungle you will find these as well. The cost of living can vary depending on the area you decide on. Choosing the land can be difficult but these few areas are a good places if you made Belize your choice.
No matter where you decide to stay there are great living options and affordable properties and we can help you with your search!


Our first choice advice would be Corozal where Tree of Cortez Development is located, it is Northern Belize near the border with Mexico and truly is your low-cost option if you are looking for waterfront, beach side or just Island style living. It is not technically on the Caribbean but on the Bay of Chetumal though you will see that prices for just about everything from Real Estate to local grocery will be less in Corozal.


If you prefer being surrounded by the rain forest, mountains and rivers, Maya ruins and caves then Cayo remains affordable frontier. The heart of this area are the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena which both enjoy an Old West feel with tropical flavour! You will find a lot of affordable propeties and raw land and will enjoy huge choice of cheap fresh locally grown food produced predominantly by Mennonites.

Cayes and Southern Belize

Cayes - the Reef Islands and Placencia have been more settled and "westernised" but with much higher cost of living and Real Estate prices. If you prefer peace and isolation from "civilised world" then Toledo - the Southern-most district might be your choice with many affordable pieces of Paradise there but it is so remote from the rest of Belize that a trip to Belize City or Chetumal may seem like a huge undertaking!

Cost of Real Estate in Belize

Though Belize has a top-flight offshore banking structure, beautiful landscapes, and an English-speaking population to recommend it, cheap property is not one of the major attributes of Belize. Though prices for real estate have not changed much in the last two years, they are nevertheless higher than in Spanish speaking Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, or some parts of Mexico. Property prices vary greatly in Belize from one area to another. They generally are highest in Belize City, on Ambergris Caye, and in Placencia, and lowest in remote rural areas. In large tracts, raw land is available in Belize for under $100 an acre, but access may be poor and surveying costs may exceed the cost of the land itself.
Home prices range from under $15,000 for a simple house under 900 sq.feet in a village to $500,000 plus for a luxury beach house in San Pedro. Even with appreciation, prices in Belize are still inexpensive comparing to other parts of Caribbean or Costa Rica.

The Benefits of Moving to Belize

Government of Belize wants you to invest in the country. If this investment benefits the community then your business may be eligible for significant tax relief for up to 20 years. Belize also offers one of the few remaining secure and private locations where you can protect your wealth with confidence. In an age when foreign governments are gaining access to accounts once thought to be sealed, the security and privacy Belize guarantees is certainly an advantage.
Belize also has some of the region's most lenient residency laws. Even before you obtain your residency or QRP status you will still enjoy free public health care and full land ownership rights with full succession rights. Belize is a member of British Commonwealth and Judicial system was based on the British Law.
Please do not hesitate contacting us with any questions about Belize Real Estate. We are here to help!
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Tree Of Cortez Estate Development is not a Real Estate Agency, we are Professional Consultants and Estate developers and of course people who love Belize. Three years ago we chose to invest in about 14 acres subdivision property in Corozal seeing this district as potentially great opportunity for Development. Now in addition to our Project we are trying to find "hidden gems" of Belize, large reasonably prices pieces of land with great potential and bring investors to land owners to help make the deals. We will assist land owners with marketing, proper pricing and promotion and we will do all the leg work for investors to find a perfect land! In the end we will help facilitate all legal formalities, INVESTORS ARE WELCOME!
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