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A Corozal GEM

Many reasons to move to Belize, but once you decide that, many, many reasons to move to Corozal. And once there, one of the best is Tree of Cortez, I looked high and far in the Corozal District, and settled on Corozal. It has all an expat would want or need - safety, low prices, access to american shopping conveniences very close by, hiqh quality medical care among others. And Tree of Cortez offers the best value around - large, well priced lots, closer proximity to town than others, close to seafront, and a bonus - an on site caretaker to ensure the security of the property when you are not there, Could go on, but you get the picture...

Conrad, Rhode Island USA, owner of the lot #13

I found out a lot about Belize!

Thanks guys, your website is very informative. I did not know much about Belize, but after visiting feel like it is a good idea to consider this country as vacation/retirement spot.
You have a very interesting development, This kind of huge parcels look like hell of a deal. I hope to visit the area soon enough and come see it.
Thanks again for lots of information and the awesome pictures – literally worth thousands words. Good luck with you project, I hope you save one lot for me!

Ken, Arizona USA, website visitor

Cortez Tree of Gold

Cortez tree (Tabebuia ochracea) – Cortez amarillo or the yellow Cortez tree.. Referred to as the “Princess of the jungle”, with its striking contrast to surrounding trees, when in flower from mid March to May. It is native to Belize, American tropics and subtropics from Mexico to Argentina. They break out all over the jungle mid April each year. The magic only last for a few days. Lots of them in Toledo and a few in Cayo. Grafted tree flowers in two years but from seed maybe four or five years? There is not so many of them in Northern part of Belize, these trees seem to prefer lots of rain. Great that you guys are part of the Summer of Gold project! Imagine the spring treat with the Cortez trees!
Richard, Cayo Belize, website contributor

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